A Brief History

There is very little documentary evidence as to when the older guilds in London were first formed and the origin of the Bakers’ in particular must be lost in the mists of time.

It has been said that the Craft of baking is older than any other and that bread was baked on the primitive hearths of savages long before the dawn of civilisation, while it is recorded in biblical days that Pharaoh ‘hanged the chief baker’ (Genesis XL.22).

What is not in dispute however is that the Worshipful Company of Bakers can trace its City of London origins back over 800 years – and that, for over 500 of those years, the Company has owned and occupied its Harp Lane site in Tower Ward, just west of The Tower of London.

In this section of the Bakers’ Company website we trace the history of the Company as it moved through the many social, political and technical changes that the City of London and the trade of bread making have experienced in the last eight centuries.