Lord Mayor




1994 proved to be a very exciting year for the Bakers’ Company. Our very own Past Master Alderman Sir Paul Newall was the incumbent in the Mansion House as Lord Mayor. He is one of five Bakers who have served in that office but the only one to whom the Bakers’ Company was his Mother Company.


The hard work and tireless effort the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress had put into the Office was rewarded in the 1994 Queen’s Birthday Honours List by Sir Paul being appointed a Knight Bachelor. This appointment was received well by the City and he was warmly congratulated by the Livery.


The role of Lord Mayor as premier citizen is one of an Ambassador for the City and the Nation and Sir Paul and Lady Newall worked tirelessly during the year to promote the theme of "The International City - The World is our Market". He stressed in speeches throughout the world the importance that international business people are attaching to the growing significance of London as the hub of the Euro-markets and the dominant financial centre of the European time zone. Indeed a time zone that links the East and West. He also pointed out that Britain is the best business base in Europe and that London is the city of choice for that business, especially as the City is emerging as not just the biggest money centre in Europe but as the world’s leader in the growing list of financial activities.


The greatness of Britain and the City of London was stressed by the Lord Mayor in speech after speech on countless occasions to drive the message home to those who doubted.


"Historically London has always been an international city and a marketplace. It has prospered because it has welcomed overseas businessmen, bankers and traders" said Sir Paul. The Square Mile today boasts over 500 foreign banks and the world's largest pool of international financial experts. London is both the logical centre of Europe's financial business and the natural bridge to Europe for those outside."


The Master and the Clerk were privileged to attend many of these occasions through the great generosity of Sir Paul and Lady Newall and without exception the comment was always made by those about us how true the message was and how inspired they were by its delivery. This, from notable, experienced and often cynical bankers and financiers from all over the world was praise indeed.