New bakers begin to rise

The Bakers are proud to be at the forefront of a new £2m government pilot scheme to enhance the value and availability of apprenticeships. Craft training, development and standards have been at the core of the Livery's purpose throughout our long history so who better to be one of the very first in the Livery Companies' Apprenticeship Scheme (LCAS) than the Bakers?

Coordinated centrally by LCAS Ltd with a very small staff, each participating Livery produces the detailed technical support programme to accredit the apprenticeship as well as nominating the Host Trainer Assessor and the Trade Specific Qualifier personnel to work with the employers involved and essential to oversee and maintain the credibility of the qualification.

Currently 20 Livery Companies have signed up to the scheme, with the aim of achieving an initial 52 apprenticeships – of these 5 right at the outset were Bakers:

Wifred Dorrington - Dorringtons, Sawbridgeworth
Lewis Freeman - Dunn’s , Crouch End, London
Emily Hancock - Chough Bakery, Padstow
Daniel Saywer - Welbournes Bakery, Lincoln
Thomas Sowden – Chough Bakery, Padstow

A key element of the scheme is bringing together apprentices for specialist work and this opened at Dorrington's Bakery, Sawbridgeworth on 25 and 26 October 2014. Liveryman David Mizon, Host Trainer Assessor, and Liveryman Henry Jefferies, Trade Specific Qualifier, held a workshop focussing on laminated pastry, fill and close laminated pastry and frying fermented products.

The next group theory session is to be held on 22/23 November 2014.