815 Naval Air Squadron

In 2014 the Bakers Company formally Adopted 815 Naval Air Aquadron, based at Yeovilton in Somerset.

815 NAS is the parent squadron of the Lynx HMA.Mk.8 (soon to be the new Wildcat) helicopter flights that embark in the Fleet's frigates and destroyers. These carry out missile/gun armed anti-surface warfare, torpedo armed anti sub warfare, recce, surveillance, search and rescue, stores/personnel transfer and a wealth of other utility tasks.

On any one day, there will be flights in the North and South Atlantic, the Gulf/Horn of Africa, Caribbean and elsewhere as well as around UK. Key current roles are counter -piracy, -drug running, -terrorism where the speed of reaction, range and surveillance equipment in the helicopter make it the primary asset (not to mention the sniper to shoot out the smuggler's boat engines!).

Typically a flight has a Lynx with 1 pilot, 1 observer, 7 maintainers and an aircraft controller. They operate autonomously from the squadron for periods of 6 months or more deployed from UK anywhere in the world. However, 815 prepares the flight, trains it, assures it (QA process) and provides engineering, admin, welfare support as required as well as continuing the QA by visiting the flight periodically while it is away.

The squadron also has a very high readiness flight based in UK for 'national contingency ops' and carries out a significant proportion of on-job training as the final part of an aircraft engineer's training.