Livery Briefings and other publications

At the beginning of 2013 the Livery Committee of the Corporation of London started publishing the Livery Briefing, a quarterly publication specifically for Livery Companies and Liverymen.  This is in addition to the Livery Committee Briefings they have been publishing for some time.

The Corporation also publishes an online version of City View.

The Livery Schools Link also publishes periodic newsletters.

Click on the links below to download these in PDF format.

July 2017 Livery Briefing

May 2017 Livery Briefing

January 2017 City View

December 2016 Livery Briefing

October 2016 Livery Briefing

June 2016 Livery Briefing

April 2016 Livery Briefing

February 2016 Livery Briefing

November 2015 Livery Briefing

September 2015 Livery Briefing

June 2015 Livery Briefing

April 2015 Livery Briefing

February 2015 Livery Schools Link Bulletin

December 2014 City View

September 2014 City View Online

July 2014 Livery Briefing

April 2014 Livery Schools Link Newsletter

April 2014 Livery Committee Briefing

February 2014 Livery Committee Briefing

September 2013 Livery Committee Briefing

September 2013 City View Online

June 2013 Livery Committee Briefing

May 2013 Livery Briefing

February 2013 Livery Briefing