Bakers Company Prize

On Wednesday 3rd August 2016 Past Master Colin Sach visited 815 NAS at Yeovilton, one of the Company’s associated military units, to present the annual Bakers Prize at their Prize Day. The prize is given to the rating or non-commisioned officer who in the eyes of the Commanding Officer has contributed above the call of duty to the squadron. It is a widely drafted prize, giving maximum flexibility so that a deserving member of the team whose contribution does not fit into the normal set of prizes can be rewarded.


The picture below shows the awarding of the certificate and inscribed bread knife to LAC Jan Cass, who in civilian parlance is an air traffic controller, and has over the last year contributed to the squadron above and beyond.


During the visit the Past Master visited the new Wildcat Helicopters which are rapidly arriving with the squadron, sadly all too few of them. He also met both past and present members of the squadron, including some whose husbands had given their lives willingly attempting to rescue others, and in pursuit of the best traditions of the Royal Navy.