Bakels Summer Course

The Worshipful Company of Bakers summer course at Bakels Innovation Centre.
Tuesday 18th September
All 15 candidates arrived at the baking centre and were introduced to the Bakels team who provided a brief insight into their role at Bakels.
The candidates were then asked to give a short talk on what they hoped to get out of the three days. Next came a visit to the factory and the warehouse where there was a short discussion on Bakels products.
All candidates happily selected pizza when provided with lunch break options.
The candidates were then split up into groups and proceeded to the afternoon programme which was taken up by a presentation on Bakels New Product Development and how they adapted to market trends. A tour of the labs followed.
The late afternoon saw visits to various supermarkets in the hope it might help the candidates in finding innovative ideas for products they would be making on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
The evening was enjoyed by all at the local Pizza Express which gave the opportunity for the Bakels team and the candidates to network and interact.
Wednesday 19 the September
The first part of the day was taken up by a talk on bread improvers and how they performed in dough and finished products.
The talk moved on to Sourdoughs and artisan bread, and the importance of combining timing and correct proving.
This was followed by a demonstration on scratch mixes versus premixes and comparing the results. Lunch came next, making use of products made in the morning.
After lunch the two teams went to work finding out which ingredients were required to make their new product and then developed recipes and production methods. Both teams set the overnight sourdoughs and Danish pastry.
A great evening was had at a local Thai restaurant, where we were very privileged to be joined by Paul Morrow who is the MD of British Bakels and Upper Warden of The Worshipful Company of Bakers. 
Thursday 20th September
Thursday was taken up by the production of new products by the teams. This was a very rewarding project which produced a wide range of products which included some of the following: tear and share brioche, savoury Danish twists, cupcakes in various flavours, sourdough bread with different flavours made into a twist in a tin and a savoury doughnut with a filling of pulled pork and topped with kibbled onion.
At 1.00pm the Master of the Worshipful Company of Bakers arrived at the centre. He gave an interesting short talk on the history of the Company, and what it does in today’s world.
We were subsequently joined by Paul Morrow, and he and the Master were tasked with selecting the winning team, which provided some humour. Both agreed that it was a very difficult task and selecting the winning team was not easy. The winning team was the one that produced the savoury doughnut, due to its innovation and surprisingly nice taste.

This was an excellent course, and a considerable amount of work went in to providing a lot of information and learning.
A big thank you to Keith and his team, and it was great to have the Master judging and networking with the candidates. I have had lots of comments by email saying how good the course was and how much the candidates gained from it, which I will pass on to The Company.
Henry Jefferies
Team leader

  Candidates with finished products

  Some more candidates with baked goods

  The Master giving a short talk about the Company

  The Master and Upper Warden as judges of products