Bakers' Truncheon

July 27 2016 was an exciting day for the Bakers’ Company. The Master, Colin Reese, accompanied by the Beadle, Neil Fletcher made his way to Guildhall Yard to re-enact the presentation of the first ever truncheon to the City of London Night Watchmen. Master Colin ceremoniously handed over the truncheon to the present Commander Richard Wilford, of the City of London Police.

The 1737 wooden truncheon, paid for by the Bakers' Company, is decorated in red and gold and features the Bakers’ wheatsheaf decoration. In 1839 City police officers replaced night watchmen following the City of London Police Act.

A new City of London police museum is being re-located and set up within Guildhall complex. It will re-open later this year. One of its roles will be to educate schoolchildren about the history of the watchmen and City policing. The Bakers’ truncheon will form a key exhibit in this story.

As well as the Master and the Beadle, Past Master Alan Willis arrived on horseback as part of a Shrieval cortege, raising money for the Sheriffs & Recorders Fund. Also attending was Hon Archivist Sylvia Macdonald who liaised with Guildhall over the presentation.