Getting Stuck In

……to dough that is – well, there’s a surprise!  Actually, it was a bit of a surprise for some of the chaps from the 815 Naval Air Squadron.
They were enjoying some time off from the rigours of their normal everyday life, and having finished exercises in Denmark some had flown down the Thames in 4 Lynx helicopters on their way home. 
For the dates of 2nd and 3rd March 2015 they had signed up for a couple of days’ “relaxation” in London, with us having arranged activities for them on the first day.  Led by Lt Mark Hoar, 10 of them were welcomed by the National Bakery School, where they had an interesting morning doing some baking! Biscuits and Hot Cross Buns were produced.  These were brought back to the Hall in the afternoon – and yes, they looked pretty good, the Buns that is!
The Master, some of the Wardens and other Bakers’ members were here to greet the chaps at the Hall, the Beadle did a marvellous, interesting, tour as usual – and then everyone tucked into sandwiches and cakes, and some liquid refreshment.
Lt Cdr Pete Higgins, 815 NAS Senior Pilot, commented that “they all had a fantastic time and really did get a lot out of the visit, especially as it is something so completely different to the day job.”