Guild of Young Freemen’s Garden Party - June 1st 2019

 It was a fine summer’s day in London as the Guild of Young Freemen gathered for their Garden Party in the green courtyard of St. Michael’s Church, Cornhill. This event, which has been held annually for the past 5 years, is an opportunity for the members to meet together with their families in an informal setting to enjoy each other’s company and a competition for the best cake.

The Baker’s Company was asked to provide a judge this year and Liveryman Sara Autton was happy to accept the invitation of the new Master, Mr. Anjola Adeniyi. The field of entries was not as large as expected, but the quality and variety were excellent. Who would have thought that tomato soup would make such a successful ingredient for a cake? The hot weather was not kind to some of the bakers who had worked hard to make their creations beautiful with buttercream finishes. Nevertheless, all the entries were presented with flair and pride. The judging took place in the presence of the whole company, who listened attentively to Sara’s critique and tips in order to improve their chances for next year’s competition.

It was a difficult decision, but the overall winner was a lemon sponge cake filled with fresh blueberries and whipped cream, baked by Mrs. Susan Chadd. The cake texture was fine, even and light and the flavour was wonderful. The sharpness of the fresh lemon was in perfect harmony with the sweetness of the cake, and the lovely blueberry flavour gave a subtle and unexpected finish to the whole. Delicious!

Liveryman Sara Autton judges the entries of the Guild of Young Freemen charity Bake O

Liveryman Sara Autton with the Master of the Guild of Young Freemen and the winner of the Bake Off; Mrs. Susan Chadd

Liveryman Sara Autton with the Master of the Guild of Young Freemen, Anjola Adeniyi

Liveryman Sara Autton with Anjola Adeniyi; Master of the Guild of Young Freemen