Livery Companies Showcase

The 2015 Livery Companies Showcase took place on Wednesday 4 March at Barber-Surgeons Hall organised by Livery Schools Link. This gives Livery Companies an opportunity to showcase themselves to Schools with a view to demonstrating their industry or profession.
The aim is to enthuse and inspire students to consider jobs which they might not necessarily have thought about, and help them find out more about those that they have!
The event was opened by The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs and about 30 Livery Companies were present, the Bakers included.
Sara Autton, Chair of the Trade Liaison Committee, manned the stall in conjunction with David Hall and others, and John Renshaw did an excellent job ALL day speaking with students, teachers and to children about the virtues of baking – in fact, he was also known to do a little bit of baking as well, pancakes being his speciality on the day! (We must remember to take along a Bakers’ apron next year…..)
Patrick Wilkins and our Beadle also came along a little later and did an excellent job, talking to various people as well.
David Hall has provided some facts and figures:
- Children / Teachers at the Bakers’ stand numbered 407  ( this is known, as they each took 1 cookie! )
- 2 people would like to visit Bakers Hall and are interested in joining the Livery
- 1 City of London school would like to form links with us
- 8 follow up visits to Schools to make presentations have been arranged
- 4 students particularly expressed an interest in bakery as a career, and these will be followed up 
All in all a very good day - with both children and teachers being very enthusiastic - thank you to everyone who helped.

John Renshaw having a flippin' good time masquerading as a Cook . . .