Major Charity recognises work of the Company

 It was with great pleasure that in June the Company accepted the 2018 award for “Outstanding Support from an Organisation” from the RAF Benevolent Fund.

This was very much appreciated by the company and is for the sums raised at the Annual Livery Rifle Day held at Bisley, at which some 50 liverymen take part in a very friendly day, but with a competitive spirit, and enjoy shooting several different kinds of firearms, ranging from shooting at targets 1000 yards away with open iron sights to short range “Wild West” style pistols.

The link to a short video that was prepared as part of the award process is here.

This is the fifth year the event has been run, and is becoming a regular part of the livery calendar. Subject to confirmation the 2019 day will be Friday 31st May. The event was developed by Past Master Colin Sach, and the picture shows him receiving the award from the Controller of the RAF Benevolent Fund – Air Vice Marshall David Murray and Chris Hockley of the RAF Target Rifle Club who provide the expertise at Bisley on the day.

To date the event has raised approaching £50,000 and the Company is delighted to assist such a worth charity and pleased to win the award.