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Become a Member & The Bakers under Forty Group

The Company welcomes applications for membership from those living and working in the City of London; from those working in the Baking Industry or Allied Trades; from those who wish to support charitable activities and see history and tradition maintained.

Why join the Worshipful Company of Bakers?

  • We are an open Company, welcoming members from both the trade, the City and further afield.
  • We have no restriction on the size of the Livery.
  • Our Benevolent Fund is increasingly active.
  • The Trade Liaison Committee is raising the profile of the baking trade in the City by having a presence at City events.
  • Our programme of social events has been both extended and broadened, with an increased number of events which can be attended by partners.
  • Members of any age are welcome.
  • The establishment of “Bakers Under Forty” or “BUF”, with a flexible approach to progressing to the full Livery, is intended to support the recruitment of younger members.

Applications for the Freedom and the Livery must be made via the Clerk’s Office on the appropriate application form. These are available from the Clerk’s Office (0207 623 2223 / or can be completed online.