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30 March 2021

St Paul's Cathedral - a taster


23 February 2021

Livery Society and LOVE CHEESE


24 February 2020

Livery Society AGM and Dinner: Guest Speaker Dr Polly Russell

Dr Polly Russell, food historian gave fascinating talk on bakery majoring on cakes through the ages giving an interesting view of social history. Master Baker presented Dr Russell with Worshipful Company of Bakers bag of bakery products


29 January 2020

Livery Society Rum Tasting Event

A fun filled evening wherein all attendees sampled an exotic selection of fine Rums, followed by a health Cheese and biscuit supper


11 July 2019

Livery Society tour of HMS Belfast

A private tour of HMS Belfast, organised by the Livery Society, took place on the 11th July.


6 June 2019

Livery Society visit to the Guildhall’s archives 1569 and All That…..

On June 5 at Guildhall, London, the fascinating heritage of the Bakers Company was revealed by Howard Doble of London Metropolitan Archives, who took Livery Society members and guests right back to 1155 when the City's bakers first appeared in a pipe roll.


25 March 2019

Livery Society AGM - Guest speaker Commissioner Ian Dyson – head of the City of London Police

Mr Dyson detailed why the City of London Police is independent of the Met; basically, when Robert Peel tried to create the Police in 1828, the Bill wasn’t passed, as the City didn’t want to be part of it – as it had its own Beadles, Night watchmen etc…. – so, the Met was established a year later, and, eventually 10 Years after that, in 1839, the City of London Police was established.


30 January 2019

Livery Society Museum of London Tour

On Monday 28th January, a group of 14 Liverymen and their guests met at the entrance to the Museum of London, where we were guests of the Director Sharon Ament and Senior Curator Hazel Forsyth.


30 May 2018

Livery Society Tour of The Charterhouse

On Wednesday 30th May, a group of 31 liverymen and their guests met at The Charterhouse, in Smithfield.