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Livery Society Rum Tasting Event

It is turning into a bit of a tradition for the Livery Society to hold a tasting in the last week of January – in the hope that it will shake off the January blues, and that it’s late enough in the month for any New Year best intentions to have lapsed…..

We learned about the different ways that rum is made; most use molasses, which is the viscous product that results from refining sugar cane.

We were encouraged to try to gauge Appearance, Nose and Palate for the 5 rums we tasted.

With a lot of help from Liam we were soon detecting /talking about ‘burnt bananas’, ‘cake-y’, vanilla, liquorice, solvents. esters etc.

The rums ranged from colourless to brown – but we learned quickly that many dark rums are simply coloured…. – by E numbers, which add no taste at all; just colour!

…., but this didn’t apply to any of the ones that we were served, where the colour had come from the barrels used.

It didn’t take long before some of us were imagining ourselves on a Caribbean beach…. working through the rums we were being served as the day lengthened.

The night cap we tasted was a 15 Y old El Dorado from Guyana. This was the only rum we tasted to which sugar had been added – which is fair game in the rum industry.

My favourite was the Foursquare 2007 Cask Strength ‘Single Blended Rum’. This would have been a good match for a fine whisky – and I will certainly try it out on my friends. (available from the Whisky Exchange).

Most of us had next to no prior knowledge of Rum before the evening, and we all left inspired.

A huge thankyou to Liam and Ian for hosting this event for us, and to the Master for his help with the Breads and Cheeses – and to Martina for making the event run like clockwork.

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Rum tasting 2

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